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Inflating vehicle tyres with NITROTYRE is becoming a popular replacement for standard air. With NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen Tyre Inflation, there are improvements in a vehicle's handling, fuel efficiency and tyre life through better tyre pressure retention, improved fuel economy and cooler running tyre temperatures. Our intent of this site is to inform all Australians on the benefits of using high purity nitrogen in tyres.

A vehicles tyre filled with plain old compressed air loses significant pressure 2 psi per month from oxygen leakage, while a tyre filled with NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen loses 2 psi in 6 months!

When you heat plain old compressed air it expands. This is because of the 21% oxygen component in compressed air that contains moisture. Therefore a change in temperature within the tyre results in a corresponding change in pressure. There are  two parameters that will change the temperature within a vehicles tyre, the ambient temperature, the season and the time of the day, and how hard the vehicle is being driven. These parameters we cannot control. With NITROTYRE there is no oxygen within the tyre, so the tyre pressure remains absolutely constant irrespective of any temperature change within the tyre.  Constant and correct tyre pressure ensures optimum handling performance and safety. Constant pressure is one of the primary reasons why high purity nitrogen is used to inflate tyres in Aviation and competitive Motorsport.

A NHTSA study in 2001 proved that under inflated tyres adversely affected a vehicle’s ability to stay on the road whilst negotiating a turn. The study also noted that in an emergency manoeuvre a vehicle with under inflated tyres was far more likely to lose directional stability resulting in a loss of control

“Compared to nitrogen, oxygen in compressed air permeates through the wall of the tyre much faster, thus reducing the tyre inflation pressure. Dry nitrogen can maintain the proper inflation pressure to make tyres run cooler,which can decrease the rolling resistance and prevent overload.”
(source: Nader Jalili Ph.D Clemson University) 

                                Increased Safety. Lives saved .....PRICELESS!

Tyres inflated with normal compressed air contain moisture causing the tyre to rot, reducing tyre life.
Oxygen leakage effectively degrades the tyre from the inside out and reducing tyre life by;

A) Rusting the  steel belts.

B) Oxidising the rubber in which the fine particles affect the valve seals, cause further leakage.

BOTTOM LINE: Oxygen is  BAD for tyres.

Under inflated tyres have a higher rolling resistance, therefore reduced efficiency. The US government estimates that by maintaining the proper tyre pressure the average driver will save between 5 and 10% on fuel usage. This delivers the following savings: 


Annual Fuel Savings : $145 - $290
NITROTYRE delivers correct and constant inflation pressure. This ensures the rolling resistance is minimized for a longer period of time, improving fuel economy.

Under inflated tyres average a 30% shorter life, as wear is drastically increased. Properly inflated tyres deliver the following saving through increased life:
Annual Tyre Savings: $72

Hotter tyres are more vulnerable to blow-outs. Tyres inflated with NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen run cooler, reducing tyre blow-outs. NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen is an inert non reactive gas which is safe and non combustible. It is mandatory to use nitrogen in aviation because it is non-combustible, and the pressure in the tyre is constant with temperature. In addition, oxygen in the tyre at high altitude, would result in the tyre freezing from the inside out.

Oxygen in tyres causes continuous pressure variations that can cause TPMS alerts. With NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen pressure variations are eliminated.

We can all make a difference. NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen not only offers safety and savings for the motoring public of Australia but also uses less fuel and tyres, thereby lowering your Carbon Footprint, and  protecting the environment for our future generations.

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